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Kelly's Backyard Herbal Products Are Finally Here!

I am proud to announce that I am able to now make available to you a few of my quality organic handcrafted herbal products.  More will be coming soon.  All of my products are handcrafted with high quality organic herbs and ingredients, designed to promote healing and the natural prevention of illness and disease.  I am now offering healing herbal soaps,  medicinal herbal extracts, and my most popular and best selling product, the amazing "Gone With The Wound" healing cream, a must for every household.  I have spent years perfecting this product and can honestly say this cream has amazing healing properties that are helpful for every skin problem; psoriasis, excema, contact dermatitis, bruises, burns, cuts, stings, bites, scrapes, rashes, pet wounds and hot spots, infectious wounds/ulcers of the skin, acne scars and it's even great for tattoos!  I can't wait to for you to read some of the great testimonials that are soon coming....this is truly an amazing medicine!   
This cream is a rich sweet smelling green that derives both
it's color and fragrance from organic herbs and
essential oils.  It is greasy going on but
quickly absorbs into the skin and begins
healing right away.

The small jar is $8.00 and the large jar is $12.00,
the better value- almost twice as much healing for
only a few dollars more!

Another product I'm pleased to bring to you is my healing soap.  There are 4 sizes; the big 4.5 oz bar, 4 oz. bar, 3.5 oz bar and 2 oz.sample size bar.  These healing soaps are made with all organic ingredients starting with goat's milk and glycerine for healing, moisturizing and cleansing.  Tea tree oil is added for deep healing that fights skin eruptions, infections and disorders.  Organic oatmeal and lavender are ground and added to the soap for additional healing and moisture,  along with coconut oil and healing butters, for a rich, lathering, healing experience. These natural, herbal soaps are only fragranced with the organic essential oils and herbal material they are made with and are known to be very helpful for people with excema, dry skin, psoriasis, and for diabetics with open sores.  Soaps now available in Peppermint (energizing), Lavender (calming) and Lime (refreshing).  To purchase my healing herbal soaps please contact me at or call me at (253) 945-6741. 

3.5 oz bar only $3.50 or 2 for $6.00

5 oz. bar only $4.50 or 2 for $8.00

4 oz. bar only $4.00 or 2 for $7.00

The next product I'm happy to bring to you are my organic medicinal herbal extracts, or as more commonly known, tinctures.  These extracts are made from the finest organic herbs and macerated in either 100 proof Vodka or Scotch Whiskey and are useful for a wide variety of health issues from anxiety to headache to menstrual problems to tummy trouble and much more.  Herbal extracts are very convenient because you only need to take a small amount a few times daily, depending on what you are taking them for, and they can be carried with you for added convenience.  Most herbal extracts are safe for children, given at 1/2 the adult dosage, and you can remove the alcohol by putting their dose in warm fluid, which will evaporate the alcohol.  This method also works for those who can't or won't consume alchohol.  Herbal medicinal extracts can be made with Apple Cider Vinegar instead of alchohol and I am happy to make such tinctures upon request, however tincturing is a process that takes approximately 4-8 weeks.

Herbal Extracts are priced at $8.00
per ounce

Because herbal medicinal extracts are highly concentrated you get a powerful dose of medicine with a small amount of tincture, and thus the FDA requires that there be a consultation prior to the purchase of any medicinal extract.  This is an easy process for you and can be done by emailing me, the herbalist, at or calling me at (253) 945-6741.  I will then obtain some medical history, allergy and other information which will insure that you do not take any herbal medicine that may be harmful or just not appropriate for you.

Once this brief consultation is complete and you decide to purchase one of my effective herbal tinctures we will discuss method of payment and shipping at that time.  In the early stages of developing my herbal business I am sorry that I am not yet able to purchase a shopping cart for my customers.  I hope to provide that for you in the future.

Herbal medicinal extracts currently available are:

Anti-Depression Blend - my own blend of calming and natural mood lifting herbs which may be helpful for mild to moderate depression.  Does not contain St. John's Wort
Astragalus Root- may be helpful in fighting infections, skin problems; immune booster/support
Catnip - may be helpful for headache, nausea, fever reduction, anxiety, stress, mild insomnia; mild sedative safe enough for children
Cat's Claw - may be helpful in boosting the immune system, research promising for use in HIV and other immune deficiencies
Cleavers - may be helpful for the lymph system, especially useful for tonsillitis and lymph swelling
Crampbark - may be helpful (I couldn't live without it!) for menstrual cramping, muscle cramps and spasms
Echinacea - may be helpful in boosting/supporting immune function, cold/flu relief, internal/external infections
Elderberry - may be helpful in fighting cold/flu symptoms.  Our household uses it very successfully to treat cold and flu
Eleuthero Root- may be helpful in increasing energy, adrenal support
Fo-Ti - known in China as "the long life tincture" this may be helpful with anti-aging, reversing the signs of aging, increasing general vigor and vitality
Goldenseal - a natural broad-spectrum anti-viral and antibiotic; helpful for gastritis, skin disorders, immune booster/support
Horehound - may be helpful with throat problems, sore throat, laryngitits/hoarseness and cough; great expectorant
Insomnia Blend - my own blend of sedative and calming herbs to promote a good night's sleep; also good for moderate to severe stress
Licorice Root - may be helpful in treating gastritis/GERD, hoarseness and bronchial problems; DO NOT TAKE IF HYPERTENSIVE!
Oregon Grape Root - may be helpful for liver problems, ecxema, psoriasis; good diuretic and blood cleanser
Shepherd's Purse - may be helpful for menstrual problems and excessive menstrual bleeding; good to use with Crampbark during menses

DISCLAIMER:   I am not a doctor and do not diagnose or treat disease, but as a trained Herbalist I can recommend and sell to you products that have been known to help with certain conditions.

Not only will I be offering some standard healing products but I can also customize a product suited especially to your needs and/or health conditions.  I look forward to bringing more products to you soon and am here to help you every step of the way.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions at or by phone at (253) 945-6741.
Your backyard herbalist,


 This is an exerpt from an email I received today from a satisfied customer who recently used the Gone with the Wound cream to rid herself of a rash.  I did not print the whole personal email, just the information that is relevent.

On August 8, 2011 JoAnne writes:

"...I started a project on the front hill and developed a nasty rash on my neck and arms.  A neighbor said "Gold Bond", so I used that; then she said 'antihistamine's, so I got some of that...   It didn't go away and became a dry and angry mess...  While I was dusting the other day  I realized that the larger jar of cream you sent me some time ago was  Healing Cream, and I do believe, my young friend, you saved me!
Thank you a million times."

8/8/11 You're welcome JoAnne!


Anonymous said...

I have tried the "Gone with the wound cream and it is amazing!

A satisfied customer said...

I have tried many of the products from Kelly's Backyard herbals and they are all great. The wound cream is magical, the lip balm is wonderful, the herb soaps are unbelievably refreashing. The energizing bath salts leave you wishing you could feel that heavenly all the time. I highly recommend all the great products from Kelly's Backyard Herbals.

Bob said...

I really like the Peppermint soap, I get into the shower in the morning before work and do not feel like going to work. After using the soap I feel energized and ready to start the day!