Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Honey Of A Problem!

Today a shocking report was revealed at Natural News that I find especially disturbing.  I'm thankful that I only buy raw honey from local honey growers because today I learned that about 75% of the honey sold in grocery stores and discount warehouses is not even honey!  It is nothing more than processed corn syrup and other artificial and harmful ingredients.  To think how many consumers are innocently buying honey thinking that they are doing something good for their family.  How many of you housewives have switched to using honey rather than sugar in some of your recipes?  I guarantee you will feel cheated after you have read this article.  This article makes a strong case for buying locally grown raw honey.  It is worth your time to seek a good honey grower out.  Not only will you pay less for a high quality product, you will truly be enhancing your family's health!  Please read this article and share it with your friends, loved ones and all honey lovers you know!  Here it is...

(NaturalNews) Just because those cute little bear-shaped bottles at the grocery store say "honey" on them does not necessarily mean that they actually contain honey. A comprehensive investigation conducted byFood Safety News(FSN) has found that the vast majority of so-called honey products sold at grocery stores, big box stores, drug stores, and restaurants do not contain any pollen, which means they are not real honey.

For the investigation, Vaughn Bryant, one of the nation's leading melissopalynologists, or experts in identifying pollen in honey, and director of the Palynology Research Laboratory at Texas A&M University, evaluated more than 60 products labeled as "honey" that had been purchased by FSN from ten states and the District of Columbia.

Bryant found that 76 percent of "honey" samples purchased from major grocery store chains like Kroger and Safeway, and 77 percent of samples purchased from big box chains like Sam's Club and Wal-Mart, did not contain any pollen. Even worse were "honey" samples taken from drug stores like Walgreens and CVS, and fast food restaurants like McDonald's and KFC, 100 percent of which were found to contain not a trace of pollen.

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Now that you've read this article, are you shocked?  I was shocked at first but after giving it thought I realized this is just one of the many hoaxes and lies fed to hungry consumers each and every day.  We all need to become better label readers but in this day and age we need to go one step further!  Become proactive and take advantage of today's technology!  Take the time and do some research into the products you are buying, the companies that are manufacturing and selling them and question the quality, safety and cost, both financially and to your health, when deciding what to grab off the grocery shelf!

I would love to hear your comments and ideas for healthier shopping and buying habits!  Will you do more research into what you are eating?  Are you a honey lover and just plain mad about being duped?  I want to hear from you!

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