Thursday, February 2, 2012

Quick And Easy Fix For A Headache!

Today my husband is home ill with a migraine headache.  Over the years my poor migraine-prone hubby has tried everything for his headaches from aspirin to Imitrex and other prescription drugs.  Narcotic pain pills only cause rebound headache and Ibuprofen and Tylenol only help a little.  But we have a secret weapon in our arsenal!  This secret weapon is an inexpensive natural product that has a myriad of uses but is especially helpful for headaches.  Our secret weapon is...drum roll please...Lavender Essential Oil.  Yes, something that simple!

 I simply dampen a washcloth and sprinkle on it just a bit of the lavender essential oil, then I roll it up and place it on my suffering spouse's forehead.  The Lavender Essential Oil really helps to knock out his tough headaches!  Lavender is wonderfully relaxing and just a few drops on the cloth make the whole bedroom smell like a Lavender garden.  My husband is able to sleep for a few hours and almost always wakes refreshed and headache free.  I hope you'll try Lavender Essential Oil the next time you have a headache.  If using the damp washcloth is impractical for you just rub a few drops of oil into your temples and dab a bit under your nose.

Wonderful Lavender
Other uses for Lavender are: anxiety/stress, wound and skin care.  For anxiety and stress you may want to rub a bit of the essential oil into your temples or simply take a few deep inhalations from the bottle.  A cup of Lavender tea will also settle those nerves!  For wounds simply apply a drop or two of Lavender essential oil to help heal and ward off infection.  Lavender is also known to help the skin and fight wrinkles so adding about 30-50 drops into your face lotion will help to fight aging and keep your skin glowing.  You may even notice less breakouts, if you are prone to them.  Experiment with the essential oil of Lavender and you will discover an array of uses and delights!  If you need to purchase Lavender essential oil just click on one of the links to Mountain Rose Herbs on my blog...they will hook you up and I can personally vouch for the quality of their products.

Let me know how Lavender helps you!  I'd love to hear from you!

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