Thursday, June 30, 2011

Soy...The Toxic Protein?

In today's health conscious and busy world many people have turned to Soy protein bars, and why not?  They taste good, offer a decent amount of protein and can be eaten on the run.  But is Soy really all that good for you?  There is a very interesting and eye-opening article today at Natural News that I recommend you read if you or anyone you love is eating protein bars containing Soy...

(NaturalNews) Protein bars, breakfast bars, really anything in bar form just makes sense in our dine while dashing society. The question is, what is it you're really eating? Most of these bars claim to offer healthy, wholesome energy, but what you may not have realized is that the process to create "soy protein isolate," which is often a primary ingredient in protein bars, utilizes a toxic solvent called Hexane.

Hexane is an industrial waste by-product of gasoline that, according to the EPA, can cause polyneuropathy in humans...

After reading this article will you continue eating soy protein or will you go with an alternative?  I'd love to hear your thoughts

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