Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fun Herbal Projects

I found some fun and unusual uses for herbs and just had to share them with you!  These are fun projects for adults and children alike and make useful and thoughtful gifts. 

1.     Rosemary Needle Sharpener:  Pack a small muslin bag tightly with dried Rosemary.  This will hold your sewing needles, sharpen them and prevent rust all at the same time.  A great gift for the seamstress in your life!

2.     Sniffy Bags:  Pack a small muslin or nylon bag with aromatic herbs such as Lavender, Lemon Balm, Peppermint or whatever herbs you enjoy.  Not only will they ease a headache and anxiety when you inhale from the bag, these little bags make great gifts, sachets and car fresheners.  I personally love using Lavender and I never leave home without one!  If you can sew it's especially fun to sew small beads on the bottom of your bag, which makes a great presentation when given as a gift.

3.     Scented Drawer Liners:  Using wallpaper samples or a leftover roll of wallpaper, lay face down on a long table and sprinkle dried herbs across the paper.  Then soak several (6 or 7) cotton balls in your favorite essential oil and place them on the paper as well.  Roll up the wallpaper tightly and place in a plastic bag for about 2 weeks, then remove from bag and discard the herbs and cottonballs.  Cut your now scented wallpaper to fit your drawers and voila!  You have scented liners for your drawers that will smell great for a long time!

These are nice but you can make your own for
pennies and the liners will last longer!

4.     Fireplace Herbs:  When you harvest your aromatic herbs, save the stems and let them dry.  When you have enough to bundle wrap a cotton string around to tie them together and place in your fireplace when you want a fire that will send fragrance all throughout your home.
Those are just a few projects that are fun and useful and will help you get to know your herbs better.  Perhaps you will find other creative ways to use herbs around your home.  I would love to hear what fun uses you have found for herbs in your life and home!

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