Sunday, September 25, 2011

Josh's Delicious Citrus Coho Salmon

Our son Josh turned 26 recently and when I asked him what he wanted for his birthday dinner he surprised me by saying he wanted to fix us his favorite recipe for coho salmon.  I have not eaten much coho so was delighted that not only did I get out of cooking I also got to try a new way to eat salmon, my favorite food!  I  watched my son as he prepared the salmon, proud to see him finally working in the kitchen with confidence.  He cut the large piece into 4 fillets and laid them in a foil lined baking dish. I removed the pin bones for him with my handy kitchen tweezers as he sliced an orange and lemon, filling the kitchen with a fresh cheerful aroma.

He doused each fillet with a small amount of sea salt and pepper and then laid orange and lemon slices across and around the fish, leaving a brightly colored dish to put into the oven.

I was impressed how quickly Josh put this recipe together.  He spent the summer in Alaska guessed it...salmon!  He learned several cooking techniques for salmon and this citrus recipe quickly became a hit among his friends and fellow workers.

Josh proudly shows off his lovely citrus coho before he puts it into the oven to bake.  Josh recommends cooking the fish at 325 degrees for about 15-20 minutes.  Check the fish to see if it is ready by simply flaking the fish with a fork.  If it flakes easily it is ready.  If it is not ready check it every 3-5 minutes until the meat  flakes easily with the fork.  

I hope your family enjoys this refreshing, delicious and different recipe as much as our family does!
As you can see, my men really enjoyed this dinner!

We served our salmon with steamed baby potatoes from our garden and garden salad.

I would love to hear how you cook coho and other types of salmon!  Happy Cooking and be sure to share your favorite salmon recipes right here!


Anonymous said...

Great way to cook salmon!
Looks easy and tasty

Iryna Klymchuk said...

i ate Josh's salmon on Alaska it was very good, and i'm sure this one is not worse, he is a good cook.

Josh Mattoon said...

wait until you try salmon made by ukrainian girl. my babe, Ira, made verygood salmon as well. we would experiment together and find very tasty dishes together. togezor becoze.