Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hershey's...The Evil Halloween Chocolate!

It's that time of year again when spooks and ghouls come out to play, when children don costumes and trick or treat for candy, when neighbors yards look like haunted houses and the stores are selling tons of Halloween candy.  Did you know that almost half the Halloween candy sales are Hershey's products?  It's probably no surprise to you but what may shock you is to learn that Hershey's is guilty of illegal child labor.  Please read the following article before you go out and purchase your Halloween candy!

(NaturalNews) Fed up with Hershey's continued import of cocoa harvested by children, a group of more than 45,000 consumers, has banded together to call on the company to stop the practice, and to urge consumers to boycott its chocolate this Halloween. DubbedHershey: Raise the Bar!, the initiative is calling on Hershey's to live up to its promise to end child labor, forced labor, and trafficking in its cocoa supply chains, which it has failed to do so far.

According to the petition, which can be found at (, several major chocolate companies, including Hershey's, committed roughly a decade ago to stop using cocoa grown and harvested with child labor. Since that time, many of the other chocolate companies have made at least some progress in ridding their supply chains of child labor chocolate, but Hershey's has not.

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After reading this article will it affect your buying decision when you are facing the Halloween candy in the grocery store?  Will you buy Hershey's chocolate candies or will you go with another brand?  Before I read the article I was blissfully unaware of Hersheys' child labor practices.  Now that I am aware I must admit that I will not be buying Hershey's this year and will opt for a different brand.  I would feel bad giving children candy that came from the forced labor of other children.  But that's just me.  I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this so please comment or even email me!

I'm kissing Hershey's chocolate goodbye!

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