Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Why I've Been M.I.A.

I have not written anything in quite a while now and I have to confess to you it's because I've been down in the dumps, uninspired and unmotivated.  I guess everyone experiences burn-out occasionally and I'm no exception.  I still love herbs and natural healing, still enjoy cooking and trying new recipes, still make and sell herbal products to boost health and beauty, but for some reason I have just not felt like writing.  With spring and the onset of gardening season I will likely be too busy to write.  So what is my problem?

First, I've been unemployed for too long.  I work per diem shifts here and there but that only amounts to 4-5 days per month.  I have all this time on my hands but I've become lazy...a million projects to work on and no motivation.  So, I'm going to Texas at the end of the month, a gift from my sister and am hoping to feel rejuvenated when I return home.  She has a yard project for us to work on and I am hoping that will get my blood flowing again!

Second, I don't have much of a following so it is hard to feel strongly motivated to write when no one is reading!  However, I have reminded myself that I don't do this blog for anyone but myself and so the writing is for me, not readers!  Since I don't do FB, this is the closest thing I have to social networking.

Third, winter is always a dreary time for me!  Arthritis keeps me pretty miserable from Halloween to Easter and when I'm hurting I don't feel like writing, typing or being creative.

SO...I'm taking the bull by the horns!  I'm going to commit to posting at least 2 blogs per week.  They may be very short posts or very long ones.  They may be a simple picture or new recipe to share.  They may be just be a shared article from the web that I found interesting.  Whatever they are, I am making a promise to myself that I will write at least twice per week.  If I'm particularly inspired I may write more!

Gardening time is almost here.  I have my seeds ready and just need to start them indoors.  I am giving up my herb garden space to my husband this year for our vegetable garden.  Where my main herb garden sits is the best site for veggie gardening so I decided to sacrifice my space and pull up the plants so that the veggies may have the sunniest spot and I will plant my herbs in containers this year.  I will transplant a few of my well established plants, such as Rosemary and Sage, but will plant the rest new.  I am excited about this but when I think of all the work involved...GROAN!  I believe that we will have our most successful vegetable garden this year so the work will be worth it!

I have decided to grow less herbs this year and concentrate on growing the plants I use most for making my medicinals and beauty products.  I need to be less wasteful!  I also am bugging my husband about building me a cheap composting unit and hope to be blogging about that soon!

What will you be growing this year?  Do you garden in the ground or containers?  I would love to hear about your gardening plans!

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delete said...

I'm reading!! :) I just discovered your blog last night, actually! I can all too well relate to not feeling motivated due to mind, body, life or not much of a following. I haven't been able to write and keep a blog in years. I miss it but it seems when I sit down to write one of the kids, pets or hubby needs me. When no one is calling I find I am too busy reading/researching/devouring info on the web (cooking clean, herbs, gardening, nutrition, misc). When I finally get to that blank blog page it is as if all of the thoughts I've been catching as they fly by have suddenly escaped. I spent hours, days even, holding onto them only to unknowingly release them. They suddenly seem insignificant, MIA or unfinished. GO FIGURE! ;) Last night I also concluded I need to just do it and just now I read your blog ;) Nice!
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and tips and whatever else I’m soon to discover here! Hope you enjoy your trip to see you Sister and get your funk lifted!